About us


We have been involved in air conditioning for 24 years and have built up significant experience over these years.

We have a large repeat customers base for which we carry out all airconditioning needs. From minor to major servicing of all aircon units, fault finding, repairs, gas leaks, welding and recharging of systems, attending to corrosion as well as PC board repairs.

We attempt to repair expensive Inverter PC boards were possible with good results. This keeps the expensive replacement components to a minimum. We will often offer repair and replacement comparison prices that help decide the most economical solutions.

We carry out the installation of split and ducted units of various reputable brands with good back up service from our suppliers, including good warranties. Our office will find the best solution to suite your cooling needs and budget with the various sizes and types of unit available. Installations are always done to a neat and professional standard which leaves an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Ducted units are sized and offered with the many various options of diffusion and control available. Where possible, we promote the new INVERTER technology, with the main aim of saving our customers electrical costs and providing the most energy efficient solution.

Specialised BLUCHEM treatment on the condensers and coils is highly encouraged for all installations within a close proximity to the sea, as we endeavour to provide the best protection for your new investment. This protection against corrosion also allows the best cooling efficiencies over time which again means energy saving benefits.


We have been involved in the many housing estates and business parks:

  • Mount Edgecombe Estates
  • Zimbali Estate
  • Simbithi Eco Estate
  • Palm Lakes Family Estate

Tim Brooks has been involved in designing his own applicable systems for building needs with the focus being on the VRV/DVM/VRF systems.

This work is our main focus in the airconditioning industry and has accreditation by Samsung, Daikin and Mitsubishi for their VRV systems.

We have perfect credit records with our main suppliers, Samsung, Alliance, Carrier, Daikin, Kovco, Northside Electrical, AAP and BluChem.

Our last completed projects include Rosebank Colleges in both PMB and Durban. Toys R Us new head office/concept store in Glen Anil, Durban, which included four SAMSUNG DVM systems with main central control, all fresh air ducting and preconditioned air for all spaces as per SANS building requirements and certified by our consultant.

Sage Pastel building in Mount Edgecumbe included 5 Daikin VRV systems with 44 cassette units. We installed this system and maintained the building equipment for many years with minimal downtime.

We have service contracts in place for different applications for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual service schedules. We have main service contracts with Toys R Us, Umgeni Iron works and Glen Eagles Business Park, to name but a few. Most of this work is from dedicated customers from many years of repeat business.

We have premises in Briardene where we carry all general airconditioning hardware fixings and necessary DX split stock for the season.

We run three permanent vans/teams and three semi-permanent teams for the altering workloads through the annual seasons. We carry out the build and installation of our own Thermoboard ducting.

* This is merely an indication. The scope of the work will determine whether we can service a particular area.

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About Us

We have been involved in air conditioning now for 24 years and built our experience over these years.

Tim Brooks has been running his own company since 2006 and has been involved in designing his own applicable systems for building needs with the main focus on VRV/DVM/VRF systems.