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  • End Of Year Fun at Wicked Karting Cornubia

    Before our Christmas break the team enjoyed an excellent time at Wicked Karting in Cornubia.


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  • Regassing

    Over the years we have lost count of the number of people who call us for help stating that their air conditioner ‘needs regassing’.  However, this is normally never the case.

    A domestic air conditioner should not lose gas over time.  The pipes we use are copper, which is not porous in nature.  There should only be two places that gas could leak.  When installed all connections are sealed and pressure tested.  The system should then hold that pressure throughout its lifetime.

    Usually when newer systems lose their refrigerant, it is due to a manufacturing fault or poor sealing of the connection, however at Tim Brooks Air Conditioning we offer only reputable brands that have a history of quality manufacturing and offer full after sales support.

    If your older system doesn’t seem as cold as it was it may be due to lack of maintenance.  Not having your unit regularly serviced will cause a reduction in cooling efficiency.  If your air conditioning doesn’t seem as cool as it was, we can diagnose and rectify the fault.

    If you have been quoted to re-gas for your home air-conditioner, question why the gas has leaked and what has been done to resolve the issue.

    To book a visit by one of our trained technicians please call 031 564 9820.

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  • Servicing

    What a difference a good service can make...


    Our service procedure has been carefully developed over the years to provide your units with the best possible cleaning and protection. A major service can transform both the efficiency and appearance of your units.


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